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Updated: Feb 17, 2023

One of the major things that I have learned in life, is that our outlook on life experiences play a large role in our happiness. I personally, have endured severe physical, mental, and emotional abuse, that went untreated for years. It negatively affected my life in many ways.

I sought counselling and was extremely grateful to work through somatic trauma therapy as well as EMDR (Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing). These exercises have helped me largely. Anyone who struggles through abusive relationships (especially moms) are encouraged to reach out, seek therapy, and move in a positive direction.

You are worthy, and don’t allow anyone or anything to make you believe otherwise.

You are strong, and will pull through... You got this.

From a Supporter.


If in crisis, please phone 250-286-3666, toll-free 1-800-667-2188, or text-only 250-895-1773.

Ask Rose-Ann is meant to offer helpful resources and info about violence against women, homelessness, mental health and/or substance misuse. It may help to hear validation from a violence against women advocate or find a support group of other survivors. Have a question for Ask Rose-Ann? Click here to fill out the anonymous form.

CRNITS depends on the graciousness of current and former clients to share their stories with prospective donors and volunteers. These stories help us raise funds and ensure we can continue serving women in our community for years to come. These stories help other women to relate and connect with our services and are a reminder that you are not alone.

*Would you like to share your story or experiences? Click here to fill out the form.

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