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Follow the Links Provided

RCMP Emergency (Call 911): RCMP Information Website

Campbell River Hospital: CR Hospital Website

Pov Net: Advocacy and Resources

Campbell River Community Directory: FETCH Campbell River

Campbell River Food Bank: Food Bank Website

Campbell River Directory: Go Campbell River

Government of Canada: Justice Page

Stop Violence Against Women: Suggested Websites

Alano Club: Addiction Support

NADIS: Addiction Information

Hospice: Bereavement and Palliative Care

Campbell River Family Network: Family Resources

Canadian Network of Women's Shelters & Transition Houses: End Violence Against Women

Canadian Network of Transition Houses: Shelter Safe

Nursing Home Abuse: Online Guide

North Island Survivors' Healing Society: NISHS Website

Information on Addiction: Drug Rehab Website

More Information on Addiction: Drug Rehab Connections Website

Domestic Shelters: Website Directory

Safe Search Engine: DuckDuckGo

(Doesn't track you, doesn't keep a record of your browser history.)

Canadian Human Trafficking Hotline: Website & Contact Information

a comprehensive guide on cyber safety for women:

Click here for community resources and important contact numbers!

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