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Watch Amanda's Story

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

Before residing at Rose Harbour, Amanda felt unsure if our programs and services were a fit for them.

After some time and experienced hardships, Amanda decided to seek the supports and services offered at Rose Harbour’s Supportive Transitional Housing & Women’s Change Program.

Watch this video of their story, created by The United Way. This powerful video will leave a lasting impact on you.

_ _ _

If in crisis, please phone 250-286-3666, toll-free 1-800-667-2188, or text-only 250-895-1773.

Ask Rose-Ann is meant to offer helpful resources and info about violence against women, homelessness, mental health and/or substance misuse. It may help to hear validation from a violence against women advocate or find a support group of other survivors. Have a question for Ask Rose-Ann? Click here to fill out the anonymous form.

CRNITS depends on the graciousness of current and former clients to share their stories with prospective donors and volunteers. These stories help us raise funds and ensure we can continue serving women in our community for years to come. These stories help other women to relate and connect with our services and are a reminder that you are not alone.

Would you like to share your story or experiences? Click here to fill out the form.

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